Bundle consists of 1x Muffkopf Standard (your choice of color) + 1x Muffkopf  fleece + 1x Muffstick


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The Mega Bundle consists if:

1x Muffstick

The MUFFSTICK is the new muffle coat for your drumstick. Quiet tom grooves, muted snare drum sounds, cymbal swells without a tone of the stick… no problem anymore with the MUFFSTICK!

Put your normal drum stick between 7A and 5B in the sleeve at the backside of the big muffle surface. The reinforced area of felt and the typical MUFFKOPF outside in the new skunk design are providing quick muffle effects.

And if you’re playing with more drive the useful strap for your finger prevents your MUFFSTICK flying in the audience.

100% polyester
length 29,5cm
width 5,5cm to 9,5cm

1x Muffkopf Standard in der Farbe deiner Wahl & 1x Muffkopf aus Schaffell

Bundle consists of 1 Muffkopf standard (your choice of color) + 1 Muffkopf fleece

Fleece – Standard

Material: outside: 80% polyacrylics/ 20% polyester fiber

inside: 100% viscose

Weight: ~20g
Dimensions when mounted: 3.5/3.5/2.4 inches

Maintenance tips

You do not have to actually wash the Muffkopf, simply shake it out.Should it tangle in some places, simply take your girlfriends hairbrush and comb it out. Or you use the fork that’s included for free.

And should the Muffkopf start to smell, simply rinse it in luke-warm water and set it on aheater or in the sun to dry.


Material: outside: 100% fleece

inside: 100% viscose

Weight: ~45g
Dimensions when mounted: 5.9/5.9/3.5 inches

Maintenance tips

Warning! Due to the special treatment of the fleece, the fleece-model connot be washed! Just shake it out or gently comb through.

Additional Information

Black, Green, Orange

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